Roddy Black


The Big Guy in the business,  no seriously…..really big.  Roddy recently foisted himself upon the Bay team with huge reserves of applicable technical skills and is the driving force behind a formidable team.

With an open door policy, Roddy is always available for a chat about how to make best use of your branding and image.


Alison Jacobs

First Lady

The voice on the end of the phone. Don’t let Alison’s accent confuse you.  She’s a local girl at heart with a love for the industry and knowledge to beat.

Alison’s ingenuity ensures that no job is too big or too small for us and the end product will exceed your expectations.


Chris Jacobs

Commander in Chief

Is there nothing this guy can’t do?! Chris is not only a master at manufacturing, but a rather excellent designer too. Although he also has the funny accent, he is a master at “solutionising” – No matter the task at hand, rest assured Chris will figure it out.

Jack of all trades, and master of each and every one of them.